When fitness APPs designed for managing your health at home become more and more popular, it’s the right time to introduce health-related APPs to the market. So, why not have an APP helping users build healthy working habits at office? When a sit-stand office furniture manufacturer shared this vision with us, we saw the exciting prospect of this project-StandMinder. Therefore, we decide to create the user interface for this APP. The intuitive design of this interface will make your working experience easier and healthier.

StandMinder APP

StandMinder allows you to control multiple electric sit-stand furniture at the same time. Simply select the equipment you need. You will enter the control mode to adjust the height of your desktop making sure you can effortlessly switch your working postures from sitting to standing. This APP controlling all StandMinder compatible furniture will also add the air of high technology in your home/office. Therefore, we think the users’ experience while looking and using this App should align with the trending UI design of smart home devices. Keeping the UI simple and intuitive will create a nice and smart experience of operating electric sit-stand furniture.

StandMinder StandMinder StandMinder

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