Meet Our Team


Graphic Designers

Top-Notch Creatives

We house a passionate team of Graphic Designers, UI/UX Experts and Modelers. All dedicated and ready to deliver amazing content that combines technical expertise with creative flair.

Animators & Editors

Animators & Editors

Masters at Creating Stunning Videos

With years of experience under our belt, our professional animators and editors are pros at taking video footage and turning it into a masterpiece. Ours skills include non-linear editing, motion graphics, special effects, animation, sound encoding, mixing, voice recording, color finishing and grading.



Second to None

Whether in-studio or on location, our experienced photographers focus on every detail to ensure each shot is perfectly captured using professional cinema cameras, drones, LED lighting, grips and more.

Directors, Screenwriters & Videographers

Directors, Screenwriters & Videographers

We Visualize. We Create. We Craft.

Our 1000m² (10k ft²) in-house studio is equipped with the latest lighting, audio and video technology with the ability to customize scenery and props. Our creative Screenwriters, Directors and Videographers handle every aspect of video production - from start to finish.

Package Designers

Package Designers

Top Rated

When it comes to packaging, we not only focus on beauty, but functionality. Paying close attention to blocking and filling to secure your product, with safety and durability in mind, then tested to deliver the most positive customer experience.



Experienced & Persuasive

Our cross-cultural team has deep market knowledge, gained by serving customers around the world – with the capability to create unique and impacting content for your business, brand and products.

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An Eye Behind the Lens

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A Quick Take Inside Treefruit’s Video Studio

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A Look at Video Editing

The Birth of Packaging Design play_circle_filled

The Birth of Packaging Design

A Programmer's Daily Life play_circle_filled

A Programmer‘s Daily Life


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