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December 21, 2023

If you are a seller, the Amazon A+ content will not be unfamiliar to you. It stands for a premium feature that allows Amazon vendors or sellers to generate visually engaging product listings, such as high-quality images, eye-catching videos, and distinctive brand stories. With loads of enhanced product descriptions being demonstrated, customers’ engagement is positively increased, leading to increased traffic and higher conversion rates. For this reason, A+ content optimization becomes necessary to rapidly gather customers’ attention as well as increase sales and discoverability. Accordingly, the following content aims to explore possible solutions to strategically optimize your A+ content.

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PART 1. What is Amazon A+ and Premium A+?
PART 2. A+ Module and Image Size
PART 3. How to Create Engaging A+ Content?
PART 4. Examples of Engaging A+ Content

amazon A+ content optimization

PART 1. What is Amazon A+ and Premium A+?

Most of us are aware of Amazon A+ content, but do you know there is premium A+ content that differs from the basic A+ content? The very first step of A+ content optimization begins with fully recognizing these two concepts, which offers options for you, good sellers, to correctly position yourselves as basic A+ or premium A+ vendors for targeted content optimization.

1.1. The Basic Amazon A+ Content

The basic Amazon A+ content is free for Amazon Brand-registered sellers. Providing 17 standard modules overall, sellers are allowed to use up to 5 modules per page to showcase the products’ characteristics, benefits, and unique selling points. With limited visual representations, the product descriptions strongly depend on written demonstrations. Normally, about a 3%–10% increase in conversion rates is expected to be brought about by using regular A+ content.

1.2. The Premium Amazon A+ Content

The premium A+ content, on the other hand, can be treated as the pro version of the regular A+ content. Rather than being unconditionally available to all Amazon Brand Registered sellers, the premium A+ content requires the fulfilment of certain criteria to be eligible to use it; otherwise, the premium A+ content will remain an invite-only, paid program that costs thousands of dollars. In particular, the sellers are required to publish an A+ brand story in the ASIN catalog with a minimum of 15 A+ content approvals in the past 12 months to indicate compliance with Amazon A+ content guidelines.

1.3. Differences Between Basic A+ Content and Premium A+ Content

Comparing with the regular A+ content, the premium A+ content offers more space for a comprehensive display of the products’ eye-catching characteristics. Specifically, 17 standard modules accompanied by 17 interactive modules are applicable for product descriptions, with up to 7 modules per page being available. Furthermore, the premium A+ content pays more attention to visual demonstrations than written indications, for it considers effective interaction to be the key that fully gets the customers’ eyes and explains the products’ values. With more high-quality pictures, videos, and interactive clicking sessions being inserted, the customers are therefore expected to be positively engaged in the product demonstration tour, with valuable reviews and feedback being provided. Eventually, using the premium A+ content can potentially raise the conversion rate by around 15%.

The table below summarizes a more detailed explanation of the differences between regular A+ content and premium A+ content. Once you are fully aware of your seller identifications (i.e., regular or premium A+ content users), you are free to conditionally optimize the relevant product descriptions based on pre-determined selling strategies.

Feature Basic A+ Content Premium A+ Content
Availability Available to all Amazon Brand Registry sellers Used to be an invite-only, paid program for brands using Amazon Vendor Central; but in August 2022, all sellers who are registered as Brand Owners are eligible for Premium A+ Content at no additional cost during the promotional offer.
Eligibility Criteria None An A+ brand story published on the ASIN catalog and a minimum of 15 A+ content approvals in the past 12 months
Modules 17 standard modules 17 standard and 17 interactive modules
Modules Per Page Up to 5 modules per page Up to 7 modules per page
Videos No Yes
Clickable Q & A No Yes
Interactive Comparison Charts No Yes
Testimonials No Yes
Maximum Content width 970 pixels 1464 pixels
Conversion Rate Potential 3%-10% 15%
Application Suitable for products that need more description, more lenient character count Suitable for premium visuals that reduce character count

PART 2. A+ Module and Image Size

Images of products stand for the most direct visual illustrations among all varieties of product descriptions. While effectively optimizing your high-quality lifestyle images, the particular image sizes corresponding to multiple modules need to be kept in mind. When arranging your A+ content, different image dimensions are required for different modules. The table below demonstrates the respective module image sizes required for A+ content. After matching the images with each module according to their respective sizes, you are then free to continue optimizing!

A+ module

Module Image Sizes Module Image Sizes
Logo Image 600 x 180 Standard 4 Images with Text 220 x 220
Image Header with Text 970 x 600 (Recommended) Standard Four Image/Text Quadrant 135 x 135
Standard Image & Dark or Light Text Overlay 970 x 300 Standard Multiple Image Module A 300 x 300
Standard 3 Images with Text 300 x 300 Standard Single Image & Highlights 300 x 300
Standard Single Left Image 300 x 300 Standard Single Image & Specs Detail 300 x 300
Standard Single Right Image 300 x 300 Standard Single Images & Sidebar Single image: 300 x 400
Sidebar image: 350 x 175
Standard Comparison Chart 150 x 300 Standard Text /
Standard Product Description Text / Standard Technical Specifications /

PART 3. How to Create Engaging A+ Content?

Speaking of the focus of A+ content optimization, making engaging content is crucial to attracting customers as well as raising conversion rates. We have introduced the overall image usage in A+ content, but how do you strategically optimize other representative elements to give your product a shining debut?

3.1. Showcase Your Product with Detailed Videos

Besides images, video appears to be another essential tool that brings strong visual attractions. Compared with images, videos convey a more systematic portrait of product characteristics through motion-angle shooting.

The categories of videos have been developed by Amazon A+ content optimization agencies. Based on the regular demonstrative videos, Treefruit has implemented 2D and 3D animation videos as advanced forms of conventional video productions for their inclusiveness of loads of creative ideas. With fewer humans involved, the animation video concentrates more on the product itself, so that customers can better understand the focused product via its appearances, functions, and applications.

From another perspective, videos can not only comprehensively highlight products’ characteristics, but can also raise interactivity between customers and the products that they are viewing, leading to positive enhancements in both extrinsic conversion rates and intrinsic brand awareness. The following two features of interactive video demonstrations, respectively, contribute to a higher likelihood of completing a sale and greater brand prestige:

1. Customers’ Impressions Deepened by Eye-Catching Visualizations

In particular, dynamic fragments consisting of colorful visual demonstrations can potentially deepen customers’ impressions of the product information, generating invisible interactions when customers continue to recall the product characteristics even if they are not currently reading the website. This, therefore, implicitly encourages them to make the purchasing decision.

2. Brands’ Awareness Raised by Social Media Communications

Under the backdrop of intensive social media communications, videos appear to gather higher engagement rates than motionless pictures or text-based posts. Living in an era particularly dominated by short videos, customers are inclined to pay more attention to fragmented information. Publishing delicate but concise videos can be noticed and publicized more, eventually contributing to greater brand prestige.

3.2. Other Tips for Producing A+ Content

Considering images, videos, texts, and all kinds of advanced descriptive tools as a whole, most high-quality A+ content tends to possess a number of common features. The below table concludes some crucial guidelines and violations that eligible sellers should follow while optimizing A+ content.

Content/Guidelines Dos Don’ts
Images 1. Skilfully apply the banners to not only delicately decorate the product detail pages, but also lead customers’ attention to different areas for developing multi-dimensional recognitions of the product features.
2. Proper dimensions and pixel quality need to be consistently used.
3. Images should compactly combine with the text.
1. It is forbidden to include copyrights, registered trademarks, or emblems into the content, whether it is created by you or a rival.
2. Watermarks must not be mentioned.
Videos Fully display the products’ characteristics and unique selling points by effectively using shooting techniques. Steer clear of promotional statements that are hyperbolic or unfounded.
Texts 1. Proofread and verify for grammar and punctuation mistakes before submitting.
2. The textual narrations should be information-rich but not just text-heavy (i.e., precise and concise).
1. Time-sensitive content, warranty, and guarantee should not be mentioned.
2. Give out any contact details or identify oneself as a merchant, seller, or distributor of any kind is discouraged.

Of course, besides all the above suggestions, there is one thing you should always keep in mind as good sellers: stay creative!

PART 4. Examples of Engaging A+ Content

Now we have finished elaborating on the important parts of A+ content optimization. You are just one step away from becoming a good seller!

A+ content example

However, designing and arranging your own A+ content all by yourselves tends to be too time-consuming and stressful due to a lack of professionalism. One popular and efficient solution for good sellers is to turn to a specialized A+ content agency to not only develop comprehensive and multi-dimensional demonstrations of products, but also narrate distinctive and appealing brand stories. As Treefruit members, we are available to provide a variety of customized services that meet different sellers’ expectations. including photography, video productions, and E-commerce design to fully display the unique features of products as well as brands.

Seeking for relevant examples, you are welcomed to look at a number of customized A+ content designs made by Treefruit. Below some high-rating design proposals are presented to help you understand.

1. E-Commerce Development and Graphic Design
2. Video Production
3. Catalog and Brochure Design


A+ content optimization not only requires constant effort and resolutions, but also requires effective methods and professional assistance. Follow the above-mentioned suggestions and guidelines, and always keep creativity in mind, you are then free to set out your own strategic A+ content optimization!


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