The Guide to Amazon 360-Degree Spin Product Images

Jan 16, 2023

Visual appeal is an important way to quickly grab customers’ attention on online market places including Amazon. High-quality product images better show the selling points and trigger the desire to purchase. In addition to traditional static images, 360-degree spin images are also getting popular because of out standing interactivity. The following is a guide to Amazon 360-degree spin product images helping you understand the definition, advantages and production process.

What is an Amazon 360° spin product image?

360-degree spin product image was started on Amazon back in 2018. It is a new way to present a product from 360 degrees, providing an interactive experience to capture customers’ attention and establish their purchasing confidence.

A 360° image comes from stitching together a row of photos of specific angles. The final result is interactive 360-degree visual content that shows a product in rotation. The user can manipulate the product by rotating it freely to better understand the details. More and more sellers have chosen to apply this type of attractive content to enrich their pages.

360-degree spin image

What are the advantages of Amazon 360° product image?

Amazon and more other online shopping platforms have developed 360-degree spins for years to upgrade the business. There are 3 most important factors to explain the reason why 360-degree images matter in online marketing.

360 spin image advantages

1. Enhance Mobile Shopping Experience

Mobile is boosting e-commerce traffic. In 2021, smart phones accounted for over 70 percent of all retail website visits world wide and generated the majority of online orders compared to desktops and tablets. Amazon has focused heavily on its mobile platform, especially its Amazon app. 360 spins take full advantage of the screens of mobile devices enabling users to control over their viewing experience. Moving a product around in different directions you want with your fingers is more likely to leave an impression on viewers compared with ordinary horizontal scrolling of the image carousel. For Amazon sellers, it is a significant improvement that can be fully utilized.

2. Interactive & Inviting Shopping Experience

360° spin images help build a stronger connection between sellers and customers through interactivity and consistency. The lack of real touch and detailed feel is the main obstacle for many online shoppers. They would like a hands-on shopping experience, which means that the product visual contents should be as close as possible to replicating the real-life physical store shopping experience. Besides, a brand can demon strate its sincere commitment to providing the best products and shopping experience by showcasing unique high-quality product imagery. Customers are more likely to buy the products as well as trust the business.

3. Higher Conversion & Sales Rate

Amazon develops and promotes 360 spin images to boost the conversion and sales rate of recognized Amazon Vendors. (Attention: In order to use spin images on Amazon, you must be a VC account. In the future Amazon has the intention to open this feature to third-party sellers. If you are an individual seller, you also can ask your Amazon manager whether you can attempt to apply this feature.)

According to Market Expert 24, it suggested that there is a possible 14 percent increase in sales when 360-degree product views are available to the purchasers. There are some real examples: the conversion rate of True Value has risen 22 percent after adding 360-degree images to a product detail page, and The Home Depot saw a 35 percent reduction in product returns in an A/B test of 360 spins. It is worth having a try to use 360 spins to promote your online business!

How to create 360° product images?

We have a professional crew to handle all product photography needs. To help you get perfect Amazon 360-degree images, there is a series of process and image requirements.

1. Ship the Samples

Before officially starting the project, our team will discuss with you about the dates to and from Treefruit Studio. When receiving your package, our team will check all items as soon as possible to ensure all samples are in perfect condition for photo shooting.

2. Photo Shooting or 3D-Rendering

Photo Shooting: Place the product on a 360-degree counter-clockwise turntable in front of a white background. Take a shoot every certain degree, and get a row of continuous pictures of the product. A spin image on Amazon is generally powered by 72 pics of every 5 degrees.

3D-Rendering: If the 3D model of the product is available, our animator can directly use 3D soft ware to render all the pictures needed as mentioned above with high efficiency and accuracy. Based on the actual condition, you can choose an appropriate way.


3. High-End Retouching

Original pictures will be edited in Adobe Photoshop to deliver Amazon-standard striking content by spot-on color modulation, cropping, alignment, etc.
• Remove any background details, if any.
• Crop each image into sizes at least 1000px or larger in either height or width.
• Make sure the rotation center is the center of each image.
• Save in TIFF (.tif/.tiff), JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg), GIF (.gif), or PNG (.png) format of sRGB or CMYK color mode.

4. File Naming

Individual file must follow the format: xxx_360_yyy_web.png where “xxx” is the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) and “yyy” is the sequence of the image in the rotation. The first image is 0000 and the last one is 0071. The sequence must follow the counter-wise rotation. Package all images into a zip file named with ASIN and send the zip file to Amazon for further processing.
For example: (zip folder)
B092J8LPWR_360 (folder)

Check Treefruit product photography service and learn about how Treefruit works. Contact us anytime via for any help or further information about commercial product photography.




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