3D Animation - Equip Customers with a “Third Eye” to Know a Product/Brand

March 30, 2021

With the development of computer graphics technology, the eye-pleasing experience is no longer limited to the real-world scenarios. A world of 3D animation has opened up the possibilities of creating compelling visual content.

By breaking out of the real world, 3D animation creates an artificial environment based on what people dream up. The dream-like graphics is perfect for generating the compelling visuals and feelings that audiences will never experience in reality. The virtual environment creation is the visual empowerment of effective marketing, because what drives the eyes to see is something surprising or intriguing instead of reality.

Therefore, creating 3D animation means you equip your audiences with a “third eye” to see the surreal fascination of your products, brands and services. It also allows audiences to see the internal parts of a product and how they work. There are still many benefits of incorporating 3D animation in your marketing communication. Here are some reasons why you should choose 3D animation as a part of your content.

1. Completely Wow the Audiences without Constrains on Production

Every time when a perfect creative idea comes up to you, you face the challenge about whether this idea can be actualized. 3D animation plays an important part in connecting your idea to technical production. It completely re-creates the best way that you want to present your products, brands and services. Imagination isn’t an obstacle of your marketing production any more. Instead, imagination can completely wow your customers, and fuel your business with more confidence in keeping mind-blowing concepts under control.

2. A Powerful Tool to Show Product Features

Product shots never show you complete product views as 360° product views do. 360° product views created by 3D animation are increasingly popular when customers buying online. It’s like a virtual experience of holding a product on customers’ hands and allows for sophisticated views of the product details.

In addition, 3D animation explicitly shows the disassembled state of the product. Customers can therefore see the internal parts directly. The complete and intuitive product knowledge can be easily acquired, which is important for making buying decisions.

3. Upgrade Brand Image for Small-Medium Sized Companies

We live in an era when high-resolution photographs are accessible to almost anyone. The high-quality user generated product pictures are pervasive on the Internet. Maybe you can also cooperate with influencers, and they will help you create stunning pictures without spending too much money. Thus, a good picture will no longer distinguish your product/brand from your competitors even for the small-medium sized businesses.

But, adding 3D animation to your marketing content plan will make a difference. Because 3D modeling and rendering still have a higher expertise threshold, a professional team is needed to create qualified 3D animation. The companies which can appoint 3D animators will be separated from other competitors, and upgrade their brand images.

4. Save Cost for Larger Enterprises

Being different from small-medium sized companies, larger enterprises invest much more in taking studio shots and producing fancy videos. All expenses including equipment, set construction, actors/actress, camera crews and so on will be a huge proportion of marketing budget. In this regard, the 3D animation will be a better option to save marketing expenses for larger enterprises.

With only several computers which get all things done, 3D animation costs much lesser compared to premium video shooting services. If a large corporate is only looking for regular retainer service, 3D animation will be a perfect choice which balances cost and visual appeals.

Creating 3D animation in marketing is considered state-of-the-art, and refreshes the brand image. If a brand wants to be cooler, younger, more compelling and more imaginary, 3D animation will be a good choice.


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