What Makes Digital Culture a Good
Source for Affordable Marketing?

December 19, 2020

When smartphones become everyday equipment, marketing should also be smarter. As technology is more accessible to almost everyone, you can do marketing with lower cost, because many of the tools that can garner the most reach are free or low cost. Instead of burning money on print media and disseminating your messages to anybody, today’s online media channels allow you to catch the right eyeballs. You can target your audience by gender, age, hobbies, geography, job, company and more. The online media channels can also help you track impression and engagement, test performance and correct your campaigns instantly. With all these advantages, you can manage your budget well and achieve better results with lower cost.

Global Forecast Ad Spending in 2020

In addition, digital and social media channels aren’t designed for professionally produced content. They are platforms for virtual communities. Users don’t passively receive information anymore. They create information on their own. Therefore, the content in all sorts of media channels is enormously decentralized and diversified. As people are open to self-created content, the disparity between professionally produced content and amateurly produced content is undermined.

Amateur vs. Professional

The community features of digital and social media determine that people don’t just go for eye-pleasing experience. They attempt to find out the interesting and useful things that friends, family members, like-minded people or influencers share on the platforms. Therefore, the delicate production isn’t the most important, and the amateur production still has popularity if the concept behind the production suits digital environment. What you need to focus is whether the content is good for engagement and stimulate sharing as if it’s a popular topic in a community.

How Digital Marketers Engage on Social Media

This is a huge change in marketing. Marketers don’t advertise, but engage. Paying attention to what arouse people’s interests in cyberspace is your priority. Therefore, the digital environment is perfect for affordable marketing, because the expensive content production isn’t a necessity, and the spontaneous sharing of content will also reduce your marketing expense.

Therefore, the most significant aspect of successful low budget is how to stimulate sharing. There is no rule to motivate people to share content. But the primary principle you should bear in mind is that people don't share content just because they find it visually appealing, they actually share content that they think others are likely to share. In other words, you need to create the three degrees sharing. You share, then they share what others will share.

Now, what you need is to make full use of social media. It's still very inexpensive to run a combination of boosted posts and other paid advertising on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. So, if you know how to engage with your target audience rather than only advertising, you will have satisfying brand results with lower expense.


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