Treefruit's Design Debuted at iF Design Awards 2023 | Design Awards

April 23, 2023

Treefruit’s Design Debuted at iF Design Awards 2023

Treefruit received the award for the design of BRATECK Packaging Series at the International Forum (iF) Design Award 2023. Bracket mailbox outstands almost 11,000 submitted designs from 56 nations and finally wins the design award for its distinguished performance in five areas: idea, form, function, differentiation and impact.


We minimize to achieve more. Each icon represents a playful abstract form of the product inside. Together with the minimized textual information, this design not only creates an iconic visual hammer that also presents on manuals to impress customers, but reduces printing fees and increases design efficiency to allow for more budget spending on better box materials.

Treefruit’s Design Debuted at iF Design Awards 2023


We replace the previous colored boxes with kraft paper boxes. The design deletes most of the graphic and textual content on the colored boxes, reducing printing pollution. The kraft paper boxes are more environmental-friendly and cost less.


This packaging aims for optimized use of packaging budget and design efficiency. With estimated 100 thousand USD saved every year, Brateck offers customers beautiful design and helps them tackle all complex situations during delivery.

Treefruit’s Design Debuted at iF Design Awards 2023


Most brands still use complex graphics and box structure to win customers, which make their packaging budget soaring and result in an unsustainable business model in the overly competitive eCommerce market. Our design enhances aesthetics and reduces cost, creating a win-win situation between the brand and customers.


As a part of the successful business strategy, the packaging design has improved customer satisfaction and margins. It has set an example of how to make sustainable design for business and the environment.

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