New Marketing: Let "VR" Make "WE ARE"

May 21, 2021

>>>I Say…

Hey, have you ever played VR games? Put on a cool black headset, like the Oculus VR headset, and sign into the game, you can be a Jedi warrior in another world, or a screaming tourist on a roller coaster ride. Thus, VR is like “Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross Station to Hogwarts” - there will always be a train to pick you up to take you to a magical world you never expect.

>>>VR Technology in Marketing

VR, short for Virtual Reality. It is a super simulation system that truly realizes human-computer interaction, allowing people to operate at will with the most realistic feedback from the surrounding environment during operation - Let’s return to the topic of marketing. In the past few years, the injection of VR technology into marketing has benefited many companies. However, B2B marketing does not need to construct Alice’s Wonderland and Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage-We focus on more detail. Let’s look at a 2020 B2B industry VR marketing leader: VERYX Food Sorting.

Key Technology, a manufacturer and designer of food processing systems, has created a VR video for its products’ details to customers. This VR video will enable participants of a food packaging trade show to experience and

understand the working principle of the company's VERYX digital food sorting platform. Its purpose is to increase brand awareness among the target audience of food manufacturers, so that VR participants can gain a deep understanding of every detail of the working machine. Although this VR cannot fully express the real-life experience, it clearly makes products and brands differentiation in the B2B industry. This is where VERYX succeeds.

Who doesn't love Oreo's VR video? Because customers can transfer into a biscuit, drifting in a milky river, the fairy tale-like assembly line makes happiness come so quickly and directly. With a B2B VR display, it’s like a “tough guy that’s tender” - there is no fancy appearance, and no overly artistic design, but it can show you the most detailed places. Bringing advanced technology, excellent details, and a comfortable experience to the VR participant, this is the "magic world" that B2B VR marketing will construct.

>>>“Here We Are.”- Using the Gaming Series as an Example

We know most people can't wait to show off their super-cool gaming equipment to the world around them - because everybody knows new tech is always so eye-catching. Now, let's open the VR display of LUMI Gaming Peripheral Collection together. Before you start a real game, you should realize that you are already in the game.

VR that is not immersive is not good VR. An ordinary exhibition can become more interactive, informational and keep a visitor’s interest much longer when presented in VR. The VR allows you get enter the game, not just watch it - so what are you waiting for?

VR marketing for games ONLY is not good marketing. For a company, investing a huge amount of money to produce VR should not be for entertainment alone, but to create market awareness, build brand recognition and sell products. From the perspective of every VR viewing customer, they can "change the scene step by step", visit any exhibition hall and examine the showcase of products or information area that interests them. At Treefruit, we ensure that every customer visiting a VR marketing world that we’ve created is given the opportunity to experience products beyond the VR - by clicking on each product to browse videos, brochures, specifications and website detail pages along with other related marketing materials for an easier conversion to purchase the product.

VR Display of LUMI Gaming Peripheral Collection

VR that breaks through the limitations of time and space is a good VR. Many customers might be busy with work, having no time to visit an actual exhibition. Maybe it’s difficult for them to fly halfway across the earth – yet they still eager to learn about new products. Maybe there are just too many “maybes”, but it’s not a problem when using VR marketing. With a VR experience, you’ll always be in the same time and place of your customers, anywhere - and at any time together, whether on PC, laptop or mobile.

>>>TreeFruit & WE

In the future, we can use VR to achieve more possibilities.
Have difficulty seeing parts of the product? Is it a struggle to read the small print of a manual? Why not let the customer experience the fun of installing a product even before they receive the products? A good example is using VR to install a TV bracket or taking a closer look at a sit-stand desk, with the virtual ability to go deeper into the product, even to adjust the desk or assemble it using an Allen Key.

Want the products you sell to be presented in additional scenarios? Imagine larger living room, bedroom, office located anywhere! This is another benefit of using VR marketing to promote products and brands. Putting your product anywhere!

In the future, we truly become "we".
In the Chinese language there is an expression represented as a Chinese character called ”咱", which is used to express "we" which covers "you" and "we". This is a larger "we" than expressed in English, and this larger "we" is what we want to achieve.

TreeFruit values this real and direct experience with deep feelings for our clients, and this feeling encourages us to provide better quality and thoughtful services. We understand your feelings and your needs in VR. You understand our ideas and our quality in VR. VR means “WE ARE”.

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