How Virtual Reality Is Impacting Trade
Show in the Post-COVID Era

May 18, 2021

COVID-19 changed everything and trade shows are still on hiatus. How can we adapt to the new digital landscape to reach customers, create business opportunities and sell products? The ways we need to compete are different now and a return to business as usual is not what exhibitors and attendees will need as the world has leapfrogged into the digital space to create the new normal.

What is the future of trade shows? How to reach your audiences without trade shows? We thought about this question after LUMI, a leading exporter of TV/AV mounting solution products and ergonomic furniture in China, contacted us for help. They wanted to create a VR exhibition due to the cancellation of all trade shows during the pandemic. We have never done this before, but we think this might be an opportunity for resetting a new carrier of trade shows in the future.

VR technology is changing the way we train, learn, entertain and communicate. Aside from VR applications in video games and entertainment media, VR is also now disrupting trade shows and commercial events. Discover the advantages of using virtual reality for your business, event, tradeshow, or exhibition.

1. Unlimited Access

Generally, individual exhibition stands are not large spaces, but virtual reality can create an entire showroom area, complete with a range of experiences. Where you have extensive product lines, you can use technology to give visitors access to your entire range.

When you move the trade show online, you will have a 24/7 trade show, and establish virtually unlimited connectivity with customers all over the world. With a VR glasses, anyone can attend a trade show without taking a flight and booking a hotel. The Internet is much faster than any aircrafts. Even if when the whole world faces the crisis like pandemic, the safe online trade show is always available. It makes trade shows much easier and environmentally friendly.

2. Immersive Marketing and Sales

In marketing, we all know the classic acronym AIDA. It stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. The first thing marketer want to do is get the audience’s attention. But how do we create a lasting impression?

Thoughtful and practical VR content in amazing realistic 3D can help differentiate your brand as a technology leader in your industry while showcasing your products in a unique way that is sure to turn heads and get people interested. Wth the extraordinary 360˚ VR tour, you will draw visitors into a powerful world of storytelling for your brand. Inside the mimic real-world environments, users will navigate the space and go through a customizable, self-guided experience. The audience can get a multi-sensory experience that engages them on a level that no one else is doing. The use of virtual reality content allows your brands to go beyond the ordinary trade show event experience and bring your story to life. You will stand out in massive hits - generating more foot traffic, creating more memorable interactions, and impressing potential clients uniquely.

VR Exhibition Booth of LUMI New Arrivals Debut 2021

3. Cost and Time Saving

As virtual exhibition booth transports your guests outside of the physical limitations of space, it’s like having free shipping, instant setup, painless calibration and unlimited booth space for an immersive product tour that will dazzle your audience.

A good booth and charming exhibit design are expensive. With 3D modelling of VR, you can create a cutting-edge experience for your customers at a reasonable price. From concept to detail design, VR enables an open environment and broaden the capacity to back and forth revisions in less time. VR tradeshow maximise your return on investment and much, much more.

It’s 2021. Why not have all these done at home in a smarter way? Treefruit, one of the first-class virtual content creator, possesses the experience and expertise to make your presence impressive and productive.


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