The Significance of Product Videos

March 12, 2021

Product videos have become essential on E-commerce platforms today since almost everyone is used to have a click on it before their purchase. Therefore, those attracting product videos become the strategic tools for both firms’ branding and product promotions.

How It Works?

Recall the first time you searched within a completely new category on Amazon up pops a list of brands that you are not familiar with. How do you make a decision among all those strange brands? First impressions are super important, so a product video is advantageous in this case since it is an important part of the first impression given to the potential customer. In addition, a product video can play a big role with the help of You May Also Like, Products Related To This Item, or even Frequently Bought Together features found on most platforms. For example, a person who plans to order a pack of cat food sees an automatic cat feeding machine when they are about to check out, so they click on the item out of curiosity (that also often happens to us). We all know what happens next ---- The instant video of this modern grey, lush, automatic, intelligent, 24/7 machine that dispenses cat food within two seconds prompts them to place an order. Now, let’s reflect on what just happened… What do you think the odds are of them placing an order if they had only seen a few pictures or illustrations?

We’ve witnessed an increasing number of companies, in spite of sizes, geo location, or previous business practices begin to raise the output of their User Generated Content (UGC). Connected to this aspect of digital marketing, there are “unboxing videos” from popular social influencers that normally lead to good-looking Conversion Rates/Conversion Ratios (CVRs) with fair “objective comments”.

Dig in More

After learning how Product Videos work in a general sense, let’s zoom into two main types of product videos:

1. Apart from the most common used introduction videos on every company’s official website, the second widest used product videos are those appearing on the product detail pages on platforms such as Amazon, Wish, eBay and others. Smart companies gain enthusiasm from small places. For instance, they can visualize FAQs in the video so that people can learn directly about a products’ features, benefits and usage instructions. More strategically, unhappy user experience contents of an inferior substitute can be used as a pull-in to emphasize competitive advantages of our products in comparison and eventually interests viewers.

2. As mentioned, UGC tends to be essential in e-marketing. It is also interesting to recognize that smart companies are not necessarily sophisticated, but good at tracking the contemporary market focus. It’s literally happening every single day. Remember the days when you logged into YouTube just for a laugh, and then a bunch of videos from YouTubers you follow pop up and three of them have the same shoes pictured on the video thumbnails with similar titles like Nike Air Jordan XXX unboxing! You click your favorite one, you gradually become a little touched by the YouTuber’s comments and emphatic observations. The shoes indeed look much more appealing when worn by your favorite YouTuber compared to your everyday, old school looks. So you start keeping an eye out for a pre-sale, or not wanting to wait, just click through the always-present link found below the video that leads you to a product detail page that we discussed above - and you come to find out that look even more charming in spite of a seemingly high price. Now, isn’t that interesting?

Head-scratching Elements to Consider

After recognizing the significance of the various types of product videos, there are a number of things you should consider before production begins, including:

1. Do you know the overall style that best fits your product promotions and unique selling proposition including your brand, the products and company? How do you best video your best selling item that provides the highest perceived value to the customer?

2. If you are successful in attracting the cat owner mentioned above into placing an order - congratulations! Make sure you don’t leave a bad impression, have a plan to follow-up with the customer so they are left with a positive purchase experience.

3. There are some other elements you might want to pay attention to such as the length of the video, resources and budget required to produce the video and more. Using a qualified Marketing Agency with strong creative talent and ability can be the key to success in this area. Please be mindful that product videos should impress viewers in a short time, be informative and end with a call to action.

Therefore, if you haven’t thought about the total orientation of the video while considering different aspects, it might be more than challenging to create an impacting and effective video from the start, and that’s where a professional team can help.

The “Time is Money” principle still holds true in business and reflected in the behavior of today’s customers and their buying habits. A convenient product video that includes a quality presentation with features, benefits and the usage of the product all contained within a few minutes is an easy and effective part of the Ecommerce sales process. There are already millions of online orders being generated from these impressive product videos.

If you’re experiencing head-scratching when it comes to creating effective product videos - contact us for help!


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