"How can I recruit students to study industrial machinery mechanics in this digital era?" This is the concern that almost every admission staff in technical colleges would have. For Millennials and Generation Z, having a job in manufacturing industries isn't charming at all. This is a serious problem that many technical colleges face.

Normally, when we mention the marketing of technical colleges, the detailed introduction of state-of-the-art technology, the high-resolution photographs of advanced facilities, and model teachers are very typical. But from our perspective, this marketing routine doesn’t change students’ perception about learning industrial machinery mechanics. We believe being bold is the best solution. This traditional domain requires challenging creativity.

Therefore, we developed a groundbreaking mascot marketing plan for industrial machinery mechanics programmes. We select a woodpecker as the mascot, because it represents powerful and efficient techniques to process hard products. The connection is clear, easy to understand, and perfectly aligns with digital cultural. The applications are also wide including all kinds of graphic design, peripheral products and campaign ideas in order to create a brand-new identity which particularly subverts the stereotypes of technical education.


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